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Single Farmer – Flowers or Chocolates – What Do Women Prefer?

What should I give her that shows her how I feel? This is a big question that most men struggle to answer with Valentine’s Day coming up. Choosing the perfect gift for your lady can be tough. Flowers and chocolates are always an option. But which do women really prefer between the two? To answer this, a man needs to know what these two things imply to a woman.

Chocolates. Most women love chocolates. They are sweet and delicious. A well-made chocolate is definitely a piece of heaven on earth. However, a woman can be very picky when it comes to chocolates. If you are giving chocolates always consider her preferences – think about whether she has a sweet tooth. Does she usually turn dessert down – in this case chocolates may not be appreciated.

Flowers.  Women love flowers. There is something about flowers that makes a woman feel loved and cared for. Many will say flowers are more meaningful. This is because you need to give some thought into their purchase. Different kinds of flowers have distinctive meanings. Buying them is more personal because you need to make sure those flowers are her favorites. They can last longer than chocolates, especially when they are well-taken cared of. Giving a bouquet of flowers may be seen as more romantic, special and thoughtful. But think about your woman and her life – does she have a special place to put flowers or is she so busy at work they will get forgotten on a shelf?

There are women who would prefer flowers over chocolates during Valentine’s Day. However, others like chocolates more than flowers. The answer lies in knowing well who you are going to give them to. You need to make sure you know your date’s preferences before choosing between the two. Or better yet, give both.

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